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1879 Silver Dollar As A Practical Investment


Is purchasing silver coins a wise idea? Why should you invest money in best place to buy silver instead of stocks and real estate or properties? The thing is that buying real estate calls for a lot of considerations. You will have to do regular maintenance of the property and then there will be taxes. Furthermore, real estate is a non-liquid asset. The property market on the contrary, is really unstable these days. And the thing about shares is that when you purchase them, you buy a business; a business that is successful, but there is no guarantee that the business would remain profitable in the future. More silver dollars Info on the other hand are a reasonable investment nowadays since it needs little maintenance and the demand is really high.

Nowadays, there is a growing trend of investing in gold and silver coins. Switch on the television; you will note that the bullion prices have increased greatly. Now we all know that silver is the poor man's gold. But silver investment can be fruitful for anyone in the future.

In 2006 to 2008 gold was outperformed by silver in the marketplace, which made silver very popular to investors. So if you are a collector you would definitely enjoy collecting coins, and what are coins made from? Gold, and? Silver right? In this way, collecting coins is actually the most worthwhile hobby. You will be addicted to collecting coins after you start. Now one of the most well-known coins for collectors is the 1879 Silver Dollar.

More Details On The 1879 Silver Dollar

The 1879 Morgan silver dollar includes five mints which signify a city and these had six different versions. George Morgan created this coin. The 1879 silver dollar is one of the most desired collectible coins. Coin dealers and collectors always take a look at the condition of coins. If your coin is of good quality it is ideal, if your 1879 dollar is heavily worn out they have very small worth, nearly as close as the present worth of silver. George Morgan also developed another popular coin, the 1879 Schoolgirl Silver Dollar. The coin has lady liberty facing to the left, her hair combed back and tied up with a ribbon.

What Does The Worth Depend On?

Today the 1879 silver dollar value differs. A coin's value depends upon the mintmarks. 1879 CC dollars are quite rare nowadays because of low manufacturing. Condition is also one thing to think about when determining the worth of your 1879 silver dollar. It could sell high if it is still in good shape. Rare coin dealers as well as coin collectors usually buy mint condition coins.

Exactly What Are Mintmarks?

Mintmarks are also among the critical things to think about. Coins produced at Carson City mint are marked as "CC". An "S" is etched just under the ribbon if the coin is made at the San Francisco mint. The coins from Philadelphia mint do not have mint mark and the coins from New Orleans have an "O". Uncirculated 1879 CCs could go for as high as $2,794 while uncirculated 1879 silver dollars with a mintmark "S" would sell for $31.67.

Coin collecting is a pleasant and worthwhile hobby. There is the fun of collecting coins and having a piece of the national history. The silver dollar's worth depends on the wear and tear and the mint marks, so be sure you check these things before buying.